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When is the Best Time of Day for Weight Training around the US?

If you work out, you want to get the most out of your efforts. Eating right and combining cardio with other training are essential, but does it matter what time of day you start weight training? The fitness pros at HomeGrown Lifting are sharing what we know to help you make the most gains while working out.

Weight Training in the Morning

A primary benefit of training in the morning is that you’ll already have your workout done for the day. Exercise is a great way to start your day and completing your weight training session first thing will help motivate you to take on the day ahead. You’ll also know that you have time later to do other things, like working, relaxing, or going out with friends.

Studies have shown that training in the morning boosts your metabolism, so you burn more calories throughout the day. Working out on an empty stomach in the morning may also increase fat burning - it’s also easier to work out on an empty stomach when you first wake up. A morning fitness session may help you sleep better at night because an increase in heart rate and body temperature can prevent you from falling asleep at your usual time.

Afternoon or Evening Workouts

Not everyone has the time - or wants to - weight train in the morning, so what about working out later in the day? If you work very early, it can be difficult to get your strength training in beforehand. During the winter months, it’s also dark for longer, so outdoor training is better left for later in the day.

Your body temperature increases throughout the day and reaches its peak between 2pm - 6pm. During these hours, your body is in its optimal state for muscle function, strength, and endurance, which translates to a more effective training session. Your muscles are already warm after you’ve been active for several hours which means a warmup will take less time. Your blood pressure is also lower later in the day and your reaction times are faster. These factors make it less likely for you to become injured during your workout. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious - one study also shows that performing the same workout in the morning and in the evening will result in better quality sleep.

So, When IS the Best Time to Work Out?

The bad news is that we really don’t have a solid answer. The good news is that working out at any time of the day will contribute to a healthy lifestyle. We recommend trying to workout at the same time each day so you will see more consistent gains, but it’s always better to get the workout in rather than not.

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