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Getting Results from Weightlifting

Staying motivated when you lift can be tricky if you don’t know when you’ll see results from your workouts. At HomeGrown Lifting, we understand the dedication necessary to become a fitter version of yourself, and we’re cheering you on. So, let’s talk about when you can expect to see results and what factors come into play.

Getting Started

An exercise routine that challenges your muscles is essential to building muscle mass. You will notice an increase in your strength within a few weeks as long as you are consistent with your weightlifting. You won’t build muscle overnight, just as you wouldn’t expect to run a marathon after training for a week, but with the right exercises and proper nutrition, you will notice visible results in a few short months.

Meeting Your Goals

Any type of exercise will build muscle, but if quickly adding mass is your goal, you’ll want to do the most effective ones. The muscles in your body contain two types of fibers.

  • Type One Fibers - Often called “slow-twitch” fibers, this type is aerobic, resists fatigue, and can perform small movements for extended periods.
  • Type Two Fibers - These fibers are the “fast-twitch” variety which means they grow tired more quickly but also allow you to perform more powerful movements due to their larger supply of blood vessels.

Strength-focused exercises build more type two fibers, so you’ll have visible results faster with this type of workout than others.

Involve Your Whole Body

We all know that guy at the gym who skips leg day. You don’t want to be like him. You’ll get the best results if you train all of your major muscle groups. We suggest devoting one day to your upper body, another to your core, and a third to your lower body. This will allow you to focus more on proper technique and let your muscles rest and repair, which is vital for growth.

Potential Barriers

If you’re aware of what may be working against you, you’ll be better equipped to combat it. Possible obstacles to increasing muscle can include:

  • Age - After age 40, your body naturally loses muscle mass. Don’t let that stop you, though. You can significantly slow this decline with regular strength training.
  • Gender - It’s no surprise that the bodies of men and women function differently, including the rate of metabolism, the amount of each type of muscle fiber, and the speed of muscle contractions. Men are thought to build muscle faster, but women’s muscles are believed to recover more quickly and have more endurance during a workout.
  • Protein Intake - The average person needs about 0.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight each day to build muscle. If you’re training regularly and not getting the results you want, check your diet to ensure you’re getting enough protein, as it’s crucial to gaining muscle.

The Fast Track

If bodybuilding is your end goal, you can build muscle by doing 30-minute workouts, but 60 minutes is recommended. We know everyone has a busy life and may not consistently have 30-60 minutes available. The good news is that the length of your workout is not as important as the number of sets you perform in a week and the muscular stress that occurs during a training session. You should aim for at least 10-20 sets per body part per week for maximum results. Our final tip is to remember to progressively up the ante of your workouts. If you notice you’ve plateaued, it’s probably time to add more weight and make your routine more strenuous.

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