HGL Voted Best Value Brand for 2023

Great Product!

These are very well made bumper plates! The cost of them blows everyone else out of the water too.   

-Ryan W. 8/13/21 4:13


GREAT American Owned Company

I was hesitant to use a newer/unknown company while building my home gym. However, I saw a dozen or so comments on Reddit while researching, and figured I'd give it a shot to support small businesses during a time where many of them are struggling. Their pricing was the best and their customer service was genuinely incredible. I had concerns about shipping/delivery and William went above and beyond to give me peace of mind. Also, 90% of my home gym is from Rogue, but I swear these bumper plates are better than Rogue's. You can really see and feel the quality. Would recommend to anyone!

- joshua m. 8/11/21 17:02



Outstanding quality very nice

-Marc B.8/10/21 16:21


Bumper plate

Fast delivery, great product, great price!

-Dreau A. 8/9/21 15:15



Love the colors. Adds that little bit extra

-Justin D. 8/7/21 14:00


Amazing product

Shipping to CA was less than a week and the price was unbeatable. Love the product and will be ordering more for my home gym. Made in America and have military discount.

-Justin D.8/7/21 14:00


Great price, quick shipping

Great product and made in USA

-Jeremy S. 8/5/21 9:43


Fast delivery, Good product

Awesome it was a pleasure buying from them

-Samuel L.7/26/21 15:37

Love them

One of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time.

-Randall F. 7/26/21 15:16


25lb. Bumpers

Overall great quality at a great price! Look like the high-temp bumpers. Fast, fair priced shipping. Would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for some bumpers!

-Bradley D. 7/25/21 17:21


Great product!!

Love them!!! A good quality plate !

-Tina P. 6/30/21 5:03



Purchased the 190 set, arrived within a reasonable amount of time. Happy with everything so far. Will definitely order again when I need to add on!!

- Donald R. 6/27/21 19:38


great value

The crumb finish makes them easier to handle and I love the speckled color. Delivery was fast, too

- Joe D. 6/24/21 12:22


Great customer service

Bought m the 160lb set plus some factory seconds. Couple days later I was looking again for some factory seconds and noticed there was a discount when you buy a set. Emailed customer service and got a discount on another set of factory seconds. Over all one of the best customer service experiences I’ve had.

- Khalid Q. 6/21/21 20:23


Great and Well-priced Plates

Great weights for a great price

- Matthew G. 6/9/21 2:02


Great product

A little thicker than other plates that I’ve used in the gym, but still are great and durable plates that hold up to everything. The company is very communicative and provides excellent customer service. Great product, price and company. Would recommend to anyone!

-Tavin F. 6/3/21 16:19


Great barbell

Great barbell and a good price to boot! I’m glad I was able to get this along with my weights. I’ve been dropping it with the bumper plates from overhead and it’s been holding up to everything thus far.

- Tavin 6/3/21 15:48


From Factory Straight to Workout

Bought the 350# set with a bar; was able to pick it up straight from the factory.  Loaded and took straight home and put in an hour workout while unloading.  Great customer service and a awesome product from Will and his team.  Looking forward to future purchases.

- Roel L. 6/3/21 11:32


Good quality and price

My fiancé and I purchased the #260 set, an extra pair of #10s, and a 7-ft #45 oly bar from HomeGrown. Good quality, solid construction, we really like this product. Has a bit more bounce on drop than the Rogue plates but nothing too extreme or unmanageable. As we get further along in our strength training, I’m sure we’ll be back for more.

- Angela M. 6/2/21 18:27



Great prices, fair shipping and quality materials. Would recommend to anyone.

-Jennifer V. 5/15/21 16:57


350 lb Bumper Weight Set

Reasonable price, GREAT quality, responsive customer service, fast (free) shipping and made in the USA! I'm so pleased with my first purchase that I just ordered another 350 pounds of bumper plates. I highly recommend Homegrown!

-John W. 5/10/21 9:41


Great product

I love this addition to my home gym! Fast delivery! Will definitely be a regular customer!

- Melissa S. 5/9/21 14:54



I really like it, it seems to be made of good quality

-Austin J. 5/3/21 23:14


Quick Delivery

“Excellent product quality. Will buy from them again cannot beat products make in America!!!! Thanks for helping get my home gym up and running.”

- Sam J. 4/24/21 14:30


Great Quality and Best Price

"It had been difficult to find good quality and reasonably priced plates in the market. Luckily found Homegrown and placed and order. Things are great and is going to work well for anyone loading the bar below 500lbs. Placing my second order now actually”

- Dustin B. 4/21/21 21:31


Definitely my new go-to for any plates

“Ordered up the 230lb set. Was super impressed with quality, accuracy of weight, and the super fast shipping. Ended up going back and ordering another pair of 45s. These guys are absolutely worth it and super competitively priced in a current world of overpriced equipment.”             

- Ben H. 4/8/21 13:35



“The team at HomeGrown has earned my business. They are fantastic plates. They offer quick shipping. They are always in stock and they are American made!”      

- Kevin K. 3/21/21 14:34


Great product!

“We spent months looking for weights for our home gym and we were excited when we came across Homegrown Lifting! Customer service was wonderful, our weights arrived in a timely manner, and we couldn’t be happier with them. Great product from a great company!”                

- Erin M. 3/16/21 2:57


Great quality made in the usa

“After deadlifting and doing some only lifts I am please with the performance”

- Keith W. 3/8/21 14:59


Awesome company and product!

“I am very happy with the product I received! There were some shipping delays due to the ice storm in February, which is understandable, but the company was very helpful and responsive to all my questions. I definitely recommend this company to anyone!”               

- Armando D. 3/8/21 12:09


25 lb. bumper plates

“Great. Resilient through lots of Olympic lifting.”

- Adam T. 2/25/21 13:46




- Mike M. 2/18/21 22:22


Bumper plates

“Great product, arrived in a timely fashion, and love the KY on it. Would recommend to anyone”

- Jeannie M. 2/8/21 14:47


Great product, excellent service

“Plates were shipped very quickly after ordering. Great quality plates that are exactly as advertised and quick responses from customer service as well. I will definitely highly recommend to others in the future.”    

- Mike H. 2/2/21 15:32



“Not too long of a wait time. They are awesome weights, flexible, and great quality. Overall I love love love the product!!!”

- Mauricio Z. 2/1/21 18:13


Great Product

“Great product at a reasonable price. Shipping was quick and seamless”

- Steven N. 2/1/21 9:59


Best deal!

"I enjoyed the bumper plates that I have purchased this far! The one thing I would like to add for future customer purchases is to keep customer updated on the time of shipping with a tracking number of some sort. It was not much of a big deal for as I was able to get an update by reaching out on Instagram. However, it may cause some confusion for other customers. I was able to get the product approx 6 business days after ordering them. Overall, I am content with the products!”

- Steve C. 1/31/21 14:48


Weights are great!

“Great company! Took me months to find a place where it doesn’t say out of stock or takes 3 months to deliver. GREAT QUALITY PLATES! Friendly/ Helpful staff! Took me a week to receive my plates! Recommend this company for your fitness journey!”                  

- Caden R. 1/31/21 14:25


Awesome bumpers !!

"Awesome bumpplates! The only reason why I’m give 4 instead of 5stars is because I never received shipping update email.”

- Jessica O. 1/31/21 14:09


15 lb. Bumper Plates 

“Excellent. Great product and customer service to match.”

- Adam T.  1/31/21 13:19       


American made

“like the weights and have recommended them to my battle buddies.”

-Jerry D.  1/30/21 10:02


Great product and service!

“Product came as expected with no issues. Great customer service when I had questions about shipping. Definitely recommend.”      

- Josiah S.  1/26/21 14:50