HomeGrown Lifting is your one stop shop for weightlifting equipment. We can take your at-home gym to the next level today with our products including one of our favorites: Olympic Barbells. Having barbells at your home can truly elevate your weightlifting game. Our barbells can handle much more weight than other types of bars used for exercising, which in turn can help you increase your overall strength. Whether you’re new to weightlifting or a professional weightlifter, our full line of weightlifting equipment can help you reach your exercise goals. Our products are at an affordable price and a high quality that we know you will love.

Barbells, Olympic barbell, curl bar, and barbell sets for your home gym across the United States

Olympic Barbell

Our Olympic barbells are made with the highest quality materials and are available at an affordable price. They are used for Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, and CrossFit Training, so you know they will cover all your weightlifting needs. This 7ft bar has a 700lb capacity, so we are certain it will do the job during your training. The barbell itself weighs 45lbs, has a shaft diameter of 30mm, and a standard knurling pattern. One of the greatest parts about this barbell is the brass bushings which allow the bar to spin freely as you lift, making your moves as seamless and focused as possible.

USA Olympic Barbell

At HomeGrown Lifting, we provide high-quality and affordable Olympic Barbell options, which is why we also carry a second barbell option: USA Olympic Barbell. This product is 7ft long and can hold up to 700lbs at one time. The barbell itself weighs in at 45lbs with a shaft diameter of 28.5mm. The standard knurling pattern still pertains to this bar, and it spins freely as you lift, too. This high-quality item would be the perfect addition to your at-home gym.

Importance Of Getting Weights for Your Home

Many people don’t have access to gyms. Either their gym is closed, has health restrictions, or is simply too far away to justify the drive when our lives are already so busy. The benefit of having a gym in your home is that there are no more rules for how things must be done because that is all up to you. The sets stay clean because you always know exactly who has touched them. You don’t have to commute anywhere if you have a gym at your home, and you can listen to any type of music you want without headphones. Plus, no monthly contracts! It really is the way to go if you are into weightlifting and exercising.

There are some incredible weightlifting moves you can do at home to increase fitness levels. Whether our athletes deadlift, focus on traps, focus on going heavy, do squats, lift dumbbells, or any other specific rep to make them strong, we support it. We are here for all levels of powerlifters and trainees with any level of experience.

Our Other Products

Bumper Plates

The wonderful thing about HomeGrown Lifting is how well our products complement one another. Our Bumper Plates are perfect for our weight Olympic barbells and USA Olympic barbells. Our bumper plates come in a variety of weights and colors, so you can customize your at-home gym the exact way you want to. We also offer our bumper plates in singles, pairs, and sets for whatever level of weightlifting workout you’re doing. We can help you turn up your weightlifting workout with adding bumper plates to your Olympic barbell.  

Barbell Clips

Don’t forget the Barbell Clips! For safety reasons, we always recommend barbell clips for all our products. Our barbell clips keep your bumper plates from falling off your barbell and diminishes any rattling. Barbell clips allow you to stay focused on your lifting while also preventing any injury from falling bumper plates They are the best small addition that you will be thankful you have.

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