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Rock Your New Year’s Resolutions

Is one of your New Year's Resolutions to become a healthier version of yourself? You're in good company. Losing weight and exercising more are the most popular resolutions year after year. Unfortunately, most people fall off the fitness wagon by the end of January. Why? We're happy you asked because we can't wait to tell you.

Why Resolutions Fail

We're not trying to be a "Negative Nancy." Several studies have shown that only a few can maintain their physical fitness resolutions beyond the year's first month. It's not that people don't want to eat less fast food or put more time in at the gym. When they make their resolutions, most people intend to follow through. So what throws you off course?

  1. Your goals are too high (or too low): If your goals are too high, you're likely to get overwhelmed and throw in the towel. If they're too low, you'll reach them right away and become bored.
  2. A lack of planning: If you're going to build a house, you don't just pick up a hammer one day and get to work. Similarly, your fitness resolution needs a blueprint. Deciding on December 31st that you'll be "healthier" starting the next day is unreliable. What does healthy mean for you? What steps will you take to get there?
  3. You doubt yourself too much: "Lose 25 pounds? Get a six-pack? There's no way!" Does that sound familiar? Showing up for yourself lays the foundation for your weightlifting success.
  4. You're not held accountable: It's easy to skip leg day or indulge in a second helping of dessert if you don't have a system in place for accountability. Keep a food diary and log your time in the gym so you can look back and see if you're staying on pace.

Tips for Success

You didn't think we would tell you why resolutions often fail and then leave you hanging, did you? Never. Here are three easy ways to stick to your resolution:

  • Celebrate all of your gains, even the small ones. Can you lift 10 pounds more today than you could on this day last month? Did you make it to the gym five days a week, even when you wanted to sleep in? Celebrate! Get a massage or treat yourself tonew equipment, whatever will keep you motivated.
  • Enjoy the journey. Keep in mind that you won't see results from weightlifting overnight. It takes consistency in your habitsto build the body you want, so add elements you enjoy, like lifting outdoors or working out with a friend. It's tough to maintain a routine when you're miserable.
  • Do it for yourself. External motivation, like an upcoming wedding, may be enough to get you started, but it's not what will keep you going. Once the big day has come and gone, your desire to work out will probably go with it. You always have a reason to continue your journey when you're doing something for yourself.

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