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How to Get Out of a Fitness Rut

Working out and Lifting can be your favorite hobby, but at some point, you risk a results plateau, mental burnout, or feeling unmotivated and stuck in an overall fitness rut. We’ve all been there. Yes, even the team here at HomeGrown Lifting. We were able to get out of that fitness rut, and we’d love to help you get back on the road to success, too. These are some things that have worked for us and have the potential to help you, too.

Switch Up Your Routine

Humans have survived because we are adaptable. Adaptability is a double-edged sword, however. It keeps us alive, but it can also hold us back from progression. When you live in a warm climate, you notice the heat less, and the same idea applies to fitness. As your body adapts to a routine, it becomes less effective. When that happens, you need to embrace change. Varying the intensity, frequency, and type of training you do will get you past a physical plateau and keep you interested in working out.

But Not Too Often

Now that we’ve gone through part one let’s talk about part two. You may be thinking, “Ok, you guys, do I change what I’m doing or not?” and we get it. Many people, even seasoned lifters, will fall into the trap of trying a new exercise or technique for a couple of weeks only to walk away when they aren’t seeing immediate results. For a fitness plan to deliver results, you have to be committed to it for a minimum of two to three months. The foundation of your routine should stay the same, but the “accessories,” such as the amount of weight, number of reps, and amount of time working out, should be varied.

Level Up

If you’re lacking the motivation to keep pushing toward your fitness goals, try working with someone on a higher level than yourself. You’re more likely to be successful if you surround yourself with others who are already where you want your future self to be. If you have a goal to double the weight you can lift, train with someone who is already lifting that amount. You’ll be motivated to keep working and learn from them. Plus, they’ll be able to help you with spotting and make working out more enjoyable. Another reason to involve others in your workouts is to gain some perspective. Slacking on your workouts is much easier to do if you don’t have accountability.

Make the Necessary Sacrifices

This is especially important for those who have hit a plateau. Look at your lifestyle outside the gym to see if it aligns with your fitness goals. Decide your purposes and what you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve them. That might mean skipping happy hour a couple of nights a week or making sure you get a solid eight hours of sleep every night; you’re the only person responsible for your success.

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