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Home Gym Equipment to Turn a Garage into a Home Gym

Switching to a home gym can save you thousands of dollars in the long run over monthly gym memberships. Having easy access to gym equipment ensures that you stay on top of your workout routine. The question is: where do you put it? Some people choose spare bedrooms, which can be too small and hard to come by, but the best place for a home gym is actually your garage. It has the space you need, it’s easy to move in the equipment, and it’s simple to convert.

Here’s what you need to know:

Insulate it.

Garages tend to have little to no insulation, so the first thing you’ll need to do is insulate your space. Traditional fiberglass insulation is the cheapest and easiest, although there are great options out there now like foam boards and spray foam insulation. Consider upgrading your garage door to an insulated version to make sure you’re not overheating during your summer workouts or freezing during the winter. This will also guarantee that your exercise equipment stays in top performance shape.

Install climate control.

Add fans for the summer – anything from box fans to ceiling fans. Installing a heater near the garage doors ensures that any cool air that slips in during the winter gets warmed up right away. If you have the budget for it, the best option is to install a wall-mounted air-conditioner and heater unit, such as a mini-split.

Upgrade your floors.

After a thorough cleaning, such as pressure washing, coat your garage floors with specialty paint. Epoxy paint is the most durable, as it bonds to the concrete to make it resistant to chips and stains, and epoxy can be cleaned with any chemicals. After your floor is sealed, layer it with your favorite workout mats to protect your joints.

Make it a space you’ll enjoy.

The more you make your gym a space you enjoy being in, the more likely you are to stick to a workout routine. Paint the walls, hang art, install a Bluetooth speaker and maybe even a TV. Create a whiteboard area to plan and track your workouts.

Fill it with gym equipment.

The most important step in converting your garage into a home gym is the gym equipment. Consider the types of workouts you want to focus on, and source the equipment accordingly. If you prefer to run in your neighborhood rather than on a treadmill, invest that money in something you need more, such as weightlifting equipment.

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We started HomeGrown Lifting because the recent pandemic made gyms inaccessible and equipment difficult to obtain, so we have a passion for getting you what you need to make your dream home gym a reality. Our line of high-quality weightlifting equipment is perfect for home gyms. Our bumper plates are available with custom color flecks to help you personalize your equipment and color-code your weights. We offer Olympic barbells and barbell clips, so you know you’ll get the best lifting equipment available. Our products are made with safety in mind out of recycled crumb rubber and a premier urethane binder to keep both your weights and your floors in top shape, even if they get dropped. 

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