Benefits of At-Home Gym, Bumper Plates, Barbells, Weightlifting equipment from Homegrown Lifting near Lexington, Kentucky (KY)

The Benefits of Having an At-Home Gym Even After COVID-19

As the world slowly opens back up, we can all head back to the gyms we frequented before COVID-19, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to sell off the equipment you collected during the lockdown. There are still a lot of benefits to having an at-home gym, even when you have access to the larger professional spaces. Don’t put that pull-up bar into storage just yet.

Equipment for You

The best part of an at-home gym is the equipment fits you. You don’t need to search the floor for the weights you can lift or waste precious time waiting for the machine you need to be available. With an at-home gym, everything you need is there for you, ready to go whenever you need it. That means you can spend more time working out and really get the most out of your routine.

Location, Location, Location

Half the battle of developing a consistent workout routine is getting yourself to the gym. Sometimes even a ten-minute drive can feel like a lot more hassle than it’s worth. That is never an issue with an at-home gym. Walking a few steps to your garage or living room is easier than packing a bag and loading it into your car. It’s also easier to integrate a small workout into your morning wake-up routine or add some weightlifting just before an evening shower. Building a habit takes an average of 66 days, and anything you can do to make it easier helps.


When people are searching for a gym, the amenities are a very important consideration. The variety of equipment is an important factor, but it is far from the only offering you want. Does the gym provide towels? Are the locker rooms and showers nice? Are there TVs to watch or music to listen to while you work out? Do they offer childcare? Are there drinks and snacks onsite? All of these questions are important, and finding a gym that meets all your expectations can be challenging unless that gym is in your home. With an at-home gym, you have ready access to towels and a nice shower with products you like to use. You don’t need to pack a bag and risk forgetting an important item when everything is already there and waiting for you. If you need a post-workout snack, the kitchen is only a few steps away. Plus, the entertainment selection is entirely in your control. No more music you hate or TV shows you have no interest in watching.


Especially in the wake of the pandemic, cleanliness is incredibly important. With an at-home gym, you never have to wonder when a machine was last wiped down or what cleaning products they used. You also never have to think about who used a piece of equipment before you. All you need to worry about is your workout routine.

Bring the Gym to You

Now that you understand the benefits of an at-home gym, let Homegrown Lifting help you create that perfect workout space. We carry a variety of barbells and bumper plates to help make your at-home gym a reality. You can check out our catalog or contact us for more information. Homegrown Lifting is proud to make out bumper plates in Lexington, Kentucky, and we serve the entire continental US.