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Weightlifting Fitness Goals for 2022 with HomeGrown Lifting

How to Reach your Weightlifting Fitness Goals in 2022

With all of the chaos of the holiday season, it’s a good time to set goals for the coming year. Everyone likes to start a new routine at the beginning of the year, but without a solid plan, your New Year’s Resolution is likely to go the way of everyone else’s – set aside and ignored by February 1st. If you have weightlifting goals for 2022, Homegrown Lifting is here to help. We’ve rounded up a few tips on how to make your fitness goals become your reality.

Decide on a Routine

Go into 2022 with a plan. Decide on a time of day you can get in a workout and mark it on your calendar. Set that time aside like you would any important appointment, like a doctor’s visit, and treat it with equal value. Your routine is the key to your fitness goals. Beginners should focus on 2-3 lifting workouts a week, moving up to 3-4 times a week after two months. After a year, you should be able to handle daily workouts, but at minimum four a week to maintain. What you do in your workouts doesn’t matter if you don’t get to them, so make your routine your focus. With dedication, your strength will naturally increase.

Set Short-Term Goals for Long-Term Benefits

Whether you’re a beginner weightlifter or a professional, you have a long-term goal in mind – but don’t start your year off with that long-term goal in mind. Rather, break it into smaller, attainable milestones. You’ll feel the reward of reaching a goal more often, and the encouragement you receive will make your routine stick. Short-term benchmarks will help you stay on track to reach your long-term goals.

Focus on Quality, not Quantity

Especially for beginners, the focus should be on the quality of your movements, not the quantity of either pounds or reps. Start with professionally guided personal training so you learn the movement patterns that will serve you as you pursue your long-term weightlifting goals. Push yourself but err on the side of caution; injury is one of the biggest disruptions to a workout plan, and it can easily derail you entirely. This is especially important to keep in mind with self-guided training.

Make a Space

Lifting gyms are a great way to build community and the accountability that comes with it, but we’ve found that the greater the distance between you and your gym, the greater the likelihood that you’ll fall short of your fitness goals. That’s why we at Homegrown Lifting focus on providing quality, affordable bumpers, bumper plates, bumper plate sets, barbell clips, and more for home gyms. If you can carve out a spot in your garage, basement, or spare bedroom, you’ll find it much easier to fit a workout into your schedule.

Stick to It

Keep your fitness goals in mind when it comes to making your social plans for the week. If you make your workout time sacred and arrange your day around it, you’re more likely to stick with it. Sacrificing that workout time once makes it easier to sacrifice again and again, so don’t start. Make your wellness your priority in 2022.

Let Us Help

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