1,500lb Olympic Bar

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7ft. Olympic Barbell, 1500lb. Capacity

Heavy Lifts, No Problem! Our barbell weighs in at 45lbs., has a shaft diameter of 28mm, and can be loaded with up to 1,500lbs of weight. Brass bushings allow it to spin freely and quietly as you perform any Olympic or powerlifting movement. This is a serious bar for serious lifters. The softer knurling will not rip or tear hands, but for those who prefer a rougher, more aggressive knurl this may not be the best option.


Material: 42CrMo Alloy

Length: 7ft. (2.2m)

Handle Diameter: 28mm

Weight: 45lb (20kg)

Shaft: Black Zinc

Knurling: Soft

Weight Capacity: 1500lbs.