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Bumper Plates versus Iron Plates, Weightlifting, Barbell Clips, Barbells, Strength Training

Like many of us at HomeGrown Lifting know, for years, iron plates have been the old standby for weightlifting and strength training. Something about the grit of iron and that familiar clang adds to the lifting experience. Iron plates aren’t all they are cracked up to be, though. Bumper plates may be a relatively new piece of equipment for some, but there is no denying the benefits they can bring to the table—increased durability, versatility, and the undeniable fact that they are much quieter than iron plates.

Bumper plates are recommended for beginners because you are more likely to drop your weights even if you are not lifting heavy amounts. Even if you have the proper floor covering in your home gym, bumper plates provide an extra layer of protection against cracking. Iron plates won’t necessarily break your floor, but they will startle you when they hit the ground unexpectedly.

Is your home gym next to a room where your spouse may be sleeping or working while you lift? Iron plates will bang, clang, and cause general interruption to the rest of your house. Bumper plates are by no means silent, but they are far quieter than iron plates. Nobody is immune to the sound of iron plates hitting the floor, even if it is an expected sound.

Bumper plates are an excellent thing for Olympic-level lifts and other exercises, like overhead squats and jerks, that require you to hold weights higher. You’re more likely to rep out while performing these exercises, which means dropped weights. Bumper plates can stand up to many more falls to the ground than iron plates. Their durability makes them an excellent investment for your home gym. Iron plates can rust when exposed to moisture or humidity, while the core of bumper plates is protected from the elements. Bumper plates will last much longer, especially if you are into high impact lifting.

If you already own iron plates, there is no reason to get rid of them. They are easier to grab than bumper plates, as they don’t have a coating covering grip areas, and classics never die. If you are just starting out in weightlifting and can only get one of these options, we strongly suggest going with bumper plates. You’re less likely to bail from an exercise when doing traditional lifts, but your bumper plates will transition seamlessly if you decide to begin CrossFit or another high-impact training.

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